Four new EDRI-members

By EDRi · July 16, 2003

On 5 and 6 July, European Digital Rights (EDRI) held its first general
assembly in Paris. During the assembly four new members were admitted from
4 different countries. With the acceptance of the Belgian Association
Electronique Libre (AEL), ISOC-Bulgaria, the Spanish chapter of CPSR and
the Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG) EDRI now has 14 members from 11
different countries. EDRI will continue to expand it activities in Brussels
to defend civil rights in the information society focussing on data
retention, privacy, the impact of anti-terrorism measures on freedom,
copyright, freedom of speech and spam. An important goal of EDRI will be to
identify and admit members from the EU accession countries. During the
meeting the members also chose a new board for a two year period, made up
of Maurice Wessling (nl), Andy Müller-Maguhn (de) and Ville Oksanen (fi).

Association Electronique Libre (AEL)



Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG)