Commission wants enforcement of spam-ban

By EDRi · July 19, 2003

The European Commission is planning to issue a Communication this autumn
calling for effective enforcement of the spam-ban, EU Commissioner Erkki
Liikanen said during a press conference yesterday.

Action would focus on effective enforcement, notably through international
cooperation, technical measures for countering spam, and consumer
awareness. The proposed measures would be first tested with Member States
and interested parties through a workshop to be convened in October.

Liikanen underlined the necessity for international cooperation both within
the EU and with third countries. He referred to recent discussions with his
US counterparts and proposal to host an OECD seminar on spam to be
organized in Brussels in January 2004.

Under the new directive for privacy in the electronic communications sector
(2002/58/EC) all Member States have to transpose a ‘ban on spam’ into
national legislation by the end of October 2003. Results from a commission
questionnaire about transposition plans (described in EDRI-gram nr. 11)
showed a wide variety in approach. At that time, the Commission still
seemed unwilling to take any further steps to harmonize enforcement.

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