Excessive e-government demands in Poland

By EDRi · August 12, 2003

On the first of July, the Polish Access to Public Data Bill (2001) came
into force. The bill obliges up to 10 thousands of public sector
institutions (including local government, political parties, public
schools, etc…) to put public information (such as information about
property, structure, authorities, procedures, etc…) on special web
sites. Each institution is obliged to create a separate website for this
purpose, separated from their home page (if they have such). The root of
all web sites is The Public Data Bulletin (a collection of hyperlinks).

The new legislation creates a lot of problems for most officials. The
responsible people often don’t know how to create a website and if they
do, regulations seem very heavy. The law requires for example using two
servers (a main one and a back-up server that automatically takes over
when the main server malfunctions) and making a daily back-up of all
public data.

There are only about four million internet users in Poland. Though online
provision of public information seems to be a proper course of action,
enforcement of the Bill seems excessive in a country where the IT
infrastructure is only starting to develop.

The Public Data Bulletin (in Polish)

There is an article about The Public Data Bulletin (in Polish)

Polish – English translation service

(Contribution by Piotr VaGla Waglowski, Internet Society Poland)