Air France spies on staff

By EDRi · August 27, 2003

According to an article in, Air France has been spying for
years on some of its staff with the help of a camera hidden behind a
clock. A union-member became suspicious when he took a close look at the
thick electrical wires going to a clock in a private relaxation room on
Roissy airport. Flipping the clock, he discovered a hidden camera. Asked
for an explanation by the union CGT, Air France said the camera was only
monitoring a door leading directly to a border, and would only be
activated in case the door was opened. The camera was installed back in
1999, following orders from the airport security working-group.

The union wasn’t satisfied with the answers, and wanted to know why the
employees had not been properly informed about this camera. According to
their statement, all other camera’s on Roissy are marked with signs
referring to the responsible authorities. Investigating the exact position
of the camera, CGT concluded the view of the door was actually blocked by
a clothing cabinet. Moreover, looking at the surveillance of a similar
waiting-room, with a clearly visible camera outside, they couldn’t
understand why in this case Air France wanted to film the backs of
possible intruders, instead of their faces.

Une camera cachee dans une salle de repos cree de la confusion a Air
France (21.08.2003)