Fines and prison sentence for Italian spammers

By EDRi · September 10, 2003

Italy is introducing tough fines and prison sentences against spammers.
Senders of unsolicited junk e-mails can expect fines up to a maximum of
90.000 euros and 3 years in prison.

The penalties go far beyond those in any other European country. All EU
member states will have to outlaw spam by 31 October 2003 as a result of
European directive 2002/58/EC. From that date on the sending of
unsolicited bulk email is only allowed after prior consent of the
receiver. The European directive does not specify penalties.

The Italian data protection authority said that the high penalties apply
to senders that operate with the aim of making a profit. The limitations
of the penalties are also clear, since 60 percent of the spam mails that
Italians receive, come from abroad.

Lo spamming a fini di profitto e un reato (03.09.2003)