Legal victory for German anonymiser AN.ON

By EDRi · September 25, 2003

On 15 September the Frankfurt District Court confirmed an earlier partial
ruling in favour of the German web anonymiser AN.ON. According to this
ruling, there was no legal ground for the request by the German Federal
Bureau of Criminal Investigation to record data about visitors to a
specific website (see EDRI-gram 16 and 17).

The initiators of the project are confident about the outcome of their
other appeal against the court order to hand over the single record they
stored under the initial order. However, they seem less confident about
the legislator. They urgently call on all users of the service to “defend
the right to anonymity against plans in the German Parliament’s Upper
House to change this right into an obligation for providers for data

District Court in Frankfurt confirms legal claim of AN.ON (18.09.2003)