UK politicians call for more anti-spam measures

By EDRi · October 8, 2003

In the UK an influential group of Members of Parliament has called for
more anti-spam measures. In a report published last Monday, the MPs ask
for greater enforcement powers for the government watchdog responsible for
tackling spam, the information commissioner. The All Parliament Internet
Group is also urging the Department of Trade and Industry to ban
unsolicited e-mails sent to business addresses, not just to private ones.
To be able to enforce the ban, the Department should encourage a ‘super
complaints’ system. This would allow outside organisations to act on
behalf of people with spam complaints to ensure the major culprits are

The chairman of the group, MP Derek Wyatt urged for more consistent global
legislation and cooperation in tackling spam. Joint vice-chairman Richard
Allan confidently added “If all the report’s recommendations were
implemented then our constituents could expect to see a significant
reduction in the amount of spam they receive.”

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