Call for nominations Swiss Big Brother Awards

By EDRi · August 25, 2004

On 31 August the deadline closes for nominations for the Swiss Big Brother Awards. The organising committee has already received over 100 nominations and will publish a selection at the end of September 2004. The 5th annual Swiss ceremony of the Big Brother Awards will take place on 16 October in the city of Emmen. The slogan ‘Nicht lamentieren, nominieren’ (don’t lament, nominate!) now calls on a special new category of victims of Big Brother; workers that are being controlled at the work-floor with the help of video-cameras and key-loggers. The other prices follow the international scheme of awarding awards to government, business and to a person for a ‘life time achievement’. The Swiss also present a positive prize: The Winkelried Award, named after the legendary soldier Arnold von Winkelried who gave his life in a battle in the 14th century ‘for the liberty of the land’.

The Swiss ceremony is organised by a coalition of civil liberty organisations, including EDRI-member SIUG.

Swiss Big Brother Awards

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