90 civil right organisations endorse PI/EDRI statement

By EDRi · September 22, 2004

90 civil rights organisations across Europe, the United States and other
countries around the world have signed a long statement against the recent
EU plans for mandatory data retention. Also 89 companies (mostly
specialised in IT) have endorsed the statement that calls the plans
‘invasive, illusory, illegal and illegitimate’. The statement was an anwer
to an EU consultation on mandatory data retention, and presented during
the workshop described above.

The full list of endorsements includes international organisations like
APC International, the Association europeenne pour la defense des droits
de l’Homme (FIDH-AE) and the Transnational Party, with the personal
endorsement of Marco Cappato. Cappato was rapporteur of the Directive on
Privacy and Electronic Communication (2002/58/EC) and did his utmost best
to prevent the insertion of the current Article 15, which allows national
governments to introduce data retention legislation.

PI / EDRI statement against mandatory data retention (15.09.2004)

Full list of endorsements (15.09.2004)