Nominations Dutch Big Brother Awards

By EDRi · October 20, 2004

4 Big Brother Award ceremonies will take place within the next 2 weeks. The Netherlands will start on Sunday 24 October, followed by a ceremony in Austria on 26 October, and ceremonies in Germany and Spain on 29 October.

For the Dutch BBA 3 persons were nominated in the category ‘Persons’. Minister Remkes of the Interior, for a constant stream of proposals to enable intelligence services to data-mine data about innocent citizens and create more satellite interception capacity. EU Commissioner Bolkestein for closing a deal with US authorities to make the EU set aside its privacy principles in order to make it legitimate for airline companies to transfer all kinds of data about passengers to the US. Finally, the head of police of the city of Utrecht is lined up for a Big Brother Award for proposing the police should publish pictures of recurrent criminals on the Internet and in local magazines. The 12 nominations have 1 tendency in common: the fact that government is specialising in the collection of immense amounts of ‘soft’ data on innocent citizens.

Dutch Big Brother Awards (24.10.2004)

Austrian Big Brother Awards (26.10.2004)

German Big Brother Awards (29.10.2004)

Spanish Big Brother Awards (29.10.2004)