Recommended reading: CCTV in Europe

By EDRi · November 17, 2004

The magazine ‘Surveillance & Society’ has a special double issue online
about the politics and practice of CCTV. Under the title ‘The Politics of
CCTV in Europe and Beyond’ the magazine examines the extraordinarily fast
growth of closed circuit television (CCTV) in western societies. Papers on
regulation and governance and a large number of case studies describe
various aspects of the the growth in the use of CCTV, from its use in the
private sector, public spaces, large scale ‘open street’ CCTV and
gradually its ubiquitous presence. The editors question the motives to
implement CCTV on such a large scale: “The extent to which such measures
do anything to protect from further tragedies is questionable, but largely
irrelevant. For politicians, there is a need to be seen to be doing

Surveillance & Society: The Politics of CCTV in Europe and Beyond
(edited by Clive Norris, Mike McCahill and David Wood)