Recommended Reading: RFID research

By EDRi · April 21, 2004

LogicaCMG has published a study on the adoption of RFID in six European countries. The report gives an outline of the technology and issues behind RFID such as costs, standardisation and software integration. The focus of the study is returnable transport items, such as pallets, crates and roll containers.

The number of RFID pilots has increases significantly in 2004. Out of the companies interviewed, almost 50 % will gain experience with RFID in a pilot project in 2004. The UK is ahead of the rest of Europe.

The report does not cover the use of RFID in consumer products. And although consumer privacy is not directly an issue with RFID on returnable transport items the report advises companies to develop a privacy policy and communicate this to their consumers.

Making Waves: RFID Adoption in Returnable Packaging