EU health chip

By EDRi · October 22, 2003

The European Union has taken steps towards the creation of an EU-wide
health identity card. By 2008 there will be a new card with a microchip
that can store a range of biometric and personal data. Approved by Union
ministers in Luxembourg the plastic disk will slide into the credit-card
pouch of a wallet or purse.

The European Health Insurance Card is intended to replace forms currently
used by travellers who fall ill in other EU countries. Eventually it will
replace a plethora of other complex forms needed for longer stays.

During the first phase – starting at 1 June 2004 – each country will be
able to choose whether to include photographs, fingerprints and biometric
data, such as eye measurements, on the ‘national’ side of the card. The
ultimate objective is to have an electronic chip on the card as the
technology improves.

European health insurance card