Recommended reading: Amnesty International

By EDRi · June 15, 2005

Amnesty International published a scathing report about the results of the war on terror in the EU. Though the report focusses on classical human rights, such as the right to be held innocent until proven guilty, the report accurately describes a legal climate that allows for systematic undermining of civil liberties and fundamental rights. This for example seriously endangers the freedom of speech and applies equally to the online as well as the off-line world.

“The rhetoric of fundamental rights too easily is lost in the legal and technical miasma of EU law, subsidiarity and competing jurisdictions. Counter terrorism measures which impact on the rights of individuals and potentially on legitimate opposition and dissent in society are shrouded in the fog of obscure legislation which leaves those concerned with no effective remedy to the infringement of their rights (…).”

Amnesty International report: Human rights dissolving at the borders? Counter-terrorism and EU criminal law (31.05.2005)$File/IOR6101305.pdf