EDRI contribution to WIPO prep-meeting Development Agenda

By EDRi · June 29, 2005

The Second Inter-sessional Intergovernmental Meeting on a Development
Agenda took place in the WIPO Headquarters in Geneva from 20 to 22 June
2005. EDRI was represented this time by Ville Oksanen. He got two chances
to address the meeting. EDRI stressed the importance of the creation of
the independent WIPO Evaluation and Research Office as described in item
Five based on the proposal by the Friends of the Development.

Oksanen said: “We strongly believe that all decision making should be
based on the best scientific knowledge available. Only a totally
independent unit, which uses the best practices of the science, can
produce results which can be trusted by all stakeholders.”

The meeting itself was a dissappointment. Instead of substantial
discussion, the developed countries did their best to sidetrack the
meeting to procedual matters and succeeded rather well. The positive side
of the meeting was the strong participation from civil society, almost
equal to the amount of organisations from the right holders’ side.

EFF informal blog notes about the meeting (22.06.2005)

Official WIPO information on the meeting

(Contribution by Ville Oksanen, EDRI-member EFFI)