Petition update

By EDRi · August 24, 2005

The EDRI and XS4ALL petition against data retention has attracted almost
30.000 signatures, of which over 10.000 from the Netherlands (where the
campaign was launched) and over 5.000 from Germany. The number three
position is held by Finland, with almost 5.000 signatures. Runners-up in
the daily country count are Bulgaria, Austria and Italy, with over a 1.000
signatures each. In Sweden, Belgium, France, the UK and Hungary over 500
people each have signed the petition.

Currently, 55 organisations and companies have signed in support of the
petition. The petition is now available in 14 languages. Slovenian will be
added later today as the 15th translation.

The campaign continues to invite signatures and support throughout
September 2005, when EDRI expects a heated political battle between the
European Commission and the Council of ministers of Justice and Home
Affairs. From 25 August 2005 onwards, the petition can also be reached at
the URL


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