Petition update: over 54.000 signatures

By EDRi · October 20, 2005

The EDRI and XS4ALL petition against data retention has attracted over
54.000 signatures, of which over 20.000 from the Netherlands (where the
campaign was launched), over 6.000 from Germany and 5.750 from Finland.
Runners-up in the daily country count are Bulgaria (over 3.000), Sweden
and Spain (over 2.000 each), Austria (over 1.500). Italy, the UK, Belgium,
France, Slovenia and the US respectively, have each contributed over a
1.000 signatures.

Currently, 79 organisations and companies have signed in support of the
petition. The petition is available in 20 languages.

The campaign continues to invite signatures and support throughout October
2005, when the Commission proposal is debated by the European Parliament.
Meanwhile, the Council is still threatening to adopt a framework decision
in the last official meeting this year, on 1 December 2005, if the
Parliament won’t adopt data retention quick enough.


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