Petition closed: 58.000 signatures

By EDRi · November 21, 2005

The EDRI and XS4ALL petition against data retention has been closed. It has been offered to Jean Marie Cavada, the chairman of the Europarliament committee on civil liberties and Alexander Alvaro, Europarl rapporteur on data retention.

The petition has attracted over 58.000 signatures, of which over 21.000 from the Netherlands (where the campaign was launched), almost 7.000 from Germany and almost 6.000 from Finland.

Runners-up in the daily country count are Bulgaria (over 3.000), Sweden
and Spain (over 2.000 each), Austria (over 1.750). France, the UK, Italy,
Belgium, the United States and Slovenia have each contributed over a 1.000

85 organisations and companies have signed in support of the petition. The
petition is available in 21 languages, with Portuguese as the last

The campaign closed on Monday 21 November. The petition was offered to Cavada and Alvaro on Wednesday afternoon 23 November, the day before the
important vote on the amended Alvaro report.

Pictures of the petition presentation


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