Urgent call for support for EDRI-gram

By EDRi · November 22, 2005

European Digital Rights needs your help in upholding digital rights in the
EU. Without any donations, EDRI is unable to continue producing EDRI-gram
in 2006. In that case number 3.24 (appearing on Monday 5 December) might
be the last edition.

If you wish to help us promote digital rights, please consider making a
private donation, or interest your organisation in sponsorship. We will
gladly send you a confirmation for any amount above 250 euro.

KBC Bank Auderghem-Centre, Chaussée de Wavre 1662, 1160 Bruxelles, Belgium
EDRI Bank account nr.: 733-0215021-02
IBAN: BE32 7330 2150 2102