Swedish company offers file-sharing damage insurance

By EDRi · July 5, 2006

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Swedish company Tankafritt offers insurance against file sharing law suits
damages and intends to expand to other Scandinavian countries.

Magnus Brath, the owner of the company, found it in reaction to the
recent copyright infringement cases in Sweden. He also thinks he could
develop his business in countries like Norway and Denmark where there are
similar laws on file-sharing.

His company is a small one operating on membership basis. For about 15
euro/year the members are covered in case RIAA (Recording Industry
Association of America) asks for damages for copyright infringement..

According to Slyck.com, the probability of being sued by RIAA is 1:1,840, a
ration that is lower than that of dying from external causes which is
1:1,755, according to the US National Safety Council. Considering these
figures, the Tankafritt operation has all the chances of being a success.

While in UK such a system would not be considered legal as states the
Association of British Insurers, in Sweden, where there is a political party
for the relaxation of the intellectual property controls, the cause of file
sharers is very much supported.

A large controversy has been created recently by a raid on servers hosting
the Pirate Bay site as the raid has apparently put some legal business
offline as well.

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