Creative Communities and Consumers in TACD Conference

By EDRi · July 5, 2006

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TACD (Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogues) organized a conference under the
title “New Relationships Between Creative Communities and Consumers” in
Paris on 19-20 June 2006. Participants represented a wide range of
interests, including both artists’ and consumers’ organizations, but also
WIPO and the European Commission.

Several panels explored problems and possibilities in creators’ and users’
rights in fields as various as gene research, drug development, software
production, entertainment industry, documentary films and scholarly
publishing. The breadth of discussion and ideas presented was impressive.

One recurring theme was that creators and users of intellectual works are
not necessarily enemies; their interests are more common than conflicting.
Indeed often they are the same people: professional creators need to be able
to use earlier creations, and in the networked world consumers are
increasingly also creators.

As concerns the software development there was a strong opposition to
software patents and support for open standards, especially for interfaces
and file formats needed for interoperability. The dangers of monopolies and
the importance of free software were stressed, especially for basic

Regarding the entertainment industry (music and film), there was a
surprisingly strong consensus that some kind of flat rate and global
licensing system for file sharing and downloading would be a good thing and
that time has come for it. Nonetheless, it was noted there are still lots of
technical and legal problems to be solved.

Scholarly publishing was also debated, observing that the present system
serves mainly the interests of publishers, not those of creators or users
who are indeed mainly the same people – scientists.

A draft document called “Paris accord” containing a collection of
suggestions on how the various issues should be addressed was circulated and
discussed. The treaty could give directions for the creation of a DRM-free
new music industry that would be beneficial for both artists and consumers.

However, the document remained a draft as there was no real attempt to
finalize it during the conference. There was an agreement, however, that
something like it would be necessary and that work would continue although
no deadline was decided on its completion

Paris TACD conference – Neil Leyton report (29.06.2006)

TACD Workshop – the Paris Accord – 19-20 June 2006

“New Relationships Between Creative Communities and Consumers” – TACD

(Contribution by Tapani Tarvainen – EDRi-member Electronic Frontier Finland)