EU trying to push again biometrics on national ID cards

By EDRi · August 2, 2006

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According to a EU document presented by Statewatch in July 2006, The Visa
Working Party on 13-14 June 2006 proposed another approach on the issue of
the biometrics to be introduced on national ID cards.

The issue had met resistance back in February when several members of the
European Council have expressed doubts especially as Belgium and the Czech
Republic opposed to the measures proposed by EU, without a public

In December 2005 the two governments gave a statement by which expressed
their view that the introduction of biometrics into the ID national cards
involved discussions of private life protection, financial and
organizational issues, besides the technical aspect.

The report of the meeting of the Visa Working party state that Council’s
Legal Service “confirmed that as there is no legal basis in the Treaty
governing these issues that could, indeed, be the way to take this matter
forward!”, meaning the Council has no legal powers to introduce the
biometrics for national ID cards and leaving this issue at the decision of
each member state.

The Conclusions of the Council, although non-binding, are however used to
give legitimacy to the national measures thus paving the way for a
“harmonized” approach when enough member states follow the standards.

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