New EDRI members

By EDRi · September 13, 2006

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

At the EDRI General Assembly of 3 September 2006 in Berlin, Germany, EDRI
welcomed 4 new members.

Open Rights Group is a new UK independent, non-profit advocacy group,
campaigning for the digital civil rights of British citizens. Alcei from
Italy is an association of people dedicated to affirm and protect
constitutional rights for “electronic citizens” as new communications
technologies emerge. is a Spanish ISP for NGOs and a member of
the Association for Progressive Communications. Digital Rights Ireland was
founded in 2005 and they are currently preparing the first legal challenge
to data retention in Europe.

EDRI now has 25 members in 16 European countries, all within the territory
of the Council of Europe. The members of EDRI identified during the meeting
the interest areas for common concern : privacy issues ( RFID, data
retention, anti-terror laws, swift case) Intellectual property (DRM,
Library) and Freedom of speech issues (Filtering).

Alcei, Italy

Digital Rights Ireland, Ireland

Home, Spain

Open Rights Group, UK