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By EDRi · October 11, 2006

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

On 3 October 2006, the first Anti-DRM day, a new collaborative information
platform about the potential dangers of Digital Restriction Management (DRM)
was launched. The was initiated by the Free Software Foundation
Europe (FSFE) and is supported by a group of organisations and authors.

The main message of the new website is ‘Your devices don’t trust you!’ as
Joachim Jakobs, FSFE’s media coordinator explains: “In fact they trust you
so little that they will not even tell you that they put you under
surveillance.” wants to inform and involve people in decisions that
will affect them on a very personal level. All the contributors to the new
platform have a shared concern about the lack of a social debate on issues
surrounding DRM technologies.

Georg Greve, FSFE’s president underlined one of the dangers of DRM:
“DRM technologies are based on the principle that a third party has
more influence over your devices than you, and that their interests
will override yours when they come in conflict. That is even true
where your interest is perfectly legitimate and legal, and possibly
also for your own data.” – Digital Restriction Management

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