P2P Italian server administrator condemned for copyright infringement

By EDRi · January 18, 2006

As a result of the modification of the copyright law in Italy through Urbani
Law, an administrator of an OpenNap server, « Soniknap5 » was condemned for
illegal sharing of music files.

The Italian Urbani law modified in March 2005, stipulates administrative
penalties for those downloading copyrighted files from the Internet but
penal sanctions for those sharing on the Internet with other users
copyrighted files. According to the law, the condemned persons may pay penal
fines as an alternative to imprisonment.

As an alternative to two months and ten days of prison, the Italian
administrator of OpenNap was fined to the payment of 3660 Euros for having
shared music files to about 2500 users. This condemnation came as a result
of a large international operation involving several Italian server
administrators and users of P2P.

P2P, Italian OpenNap Administrator Condemned (only in Italian) ( 13.01.2006)

Urbani Law, Modifications approved (only in Italian) (24.03.2005)