New editor EDRI-gram

By EDRi · January 18, 2006

The EDRI-gram fundraising campaign has been very successful. Thanks to
the kind donations of both individuals and companies, EDRI is confident
it will be able to afford 24 editions of EDRI-gram in 2006. Pledges for
support will be collected in February 2006, after EDRI is sure it has
guarantees for the full amount of 3.500 euro. More donations are still
very welcome, to help EDRI fund campaigns against the abundant
invasions of digital civil rights.

Editor Sjoera Nas from the Dutch NGO Bits of Freedom is leaving
EDRI-gram after having run it for 3 years. She will be on maternity
leave later this year. She is replaced by a new editor, Bogdan Manolea
from Romania. Bogdan has a legal background and plenty of expertise in
IT and civil rights. He is the co-founder of the new Romanian
association APTI, that has become EDRI-member in August 2005. The
Association for Technology and Internet (APTI) is a group of internet
experts who wish to promote human rights in the digital environment and
support digital civil rights in the Romanian society.

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