EUCD Best Practice Guide published

By EDRi · December 20, 2006

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

A network of European civil society experts, including several EDRI members,
published in December 2006 a Best Practice guide for countries implementing
the EU copyright directive.

The guide aims at legislators and advocates of a
balanced copyright framework in countries hoping to join the EU in
the next decade. It shows how these countries can maximise
creativity, access to knowledge, but also political and cultural
participation within the EU copyright regime.

The project’s wiki contains a more detailed analysis of existing member
states’ legislation, and will continue as a resource for civil society
campaigners for copyright reform in Europe and around the world.

The guide, sponsored by the Open Society Institute, can now be freely
downloaded from the Internet.

Best Practice Guide – Implementing the EU Copyright Directive in the Digital
Age (12.2006)

EUCD Review and Implementation Wiki

(contribution by Ian Brown – EDRI-member Open Rights Group, UK)