Irish ISPs to give File-sharers details

By EDRi · February 2, 2006

On Tuesday 24 January the Irish High Court made an order requiring
three ISPs to hand over the personal details of 49 alleged file-sharers.
This decision follows a similar decision in July 2005, and was made by
the same judge (Kelly J.) in essentially identical terms, including an
undertaking that the information would only be used for the purpose of
litigation. The judge did, however, specify that the plaintiffs could,
if they wished, also pass this information to the authorities for
criminal prosecution, describing file sharing as “a modern form of

Digital Rights Ireland wrote to the parties in advance seeking to have
two issues brought to the attention of the court: whether users should
be notified of the application and given a chance to respond, and
whether the use of the US-based MediaSentry was in breach of national
data protection laws (as was held in the Dutch decision in Brein).
However, not all of these issues were raised in court, and the decision
of the court does not address these points.

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(Contribution by TJ McIntyre, Digital Rights Ireland)