Recommended action : European Commission Consultation on IPv6

By EDRi · February 15, 2006

As the current generation of the internet will “run out of space” because of
its lack of addresses, IPv6 -the sixth version of the Internet Protocol-
will succeed and provide a wide range of addresses and services. It will
underpin the convergence process between fixed and mobile, as well as
between data, voice and video. With IPv6, addresses can be assigned to a new
breed of internet-capable devices -mobile phones, car navigation systems,
home appliances, industrial equipment and much more. All of these devices
can be linked together, constantly communicating wirelessly. After intense
developments and investments, first IPv6 deployments are happening at
European and global level. The European Commission is engaging in a process
of identifying the hurdles and triggers for IPv6 deployment and ultimately
to define policies moving forward its wide adoption. As part of this
process, a consultation on IPv6 evolution is now launched (closing date : 24
February 2006).