Lie detectors in Russian airports

By EDRi · April 12, 2006

Lie detectors will be used in Russian airports as part of the security
measures starting with July 2006.

Meant to identify terrorists or other types of criminals, a lie-detecting
device developed in Israel, known as “truth verifier,” will be first
introduced in Moscow’s Domodedovo airport as early as July. The technology,
already used by UK insurance companies, is said to be able to detect answers
coming from imagination or memory.

The passengers will use a handset to answer four questions right after the
X-ray check of luggage and shoes and in the beginning, only the suspicious
passengers will take the test. Those failing the test will be further on
interrogated in a separate cubicle as Vladimir Kornilov, the IT director for
East Line, said.

Eventually the procedure will be used for all passengers. Officials state
that the process should not exceed a minute per passenger.

Airline passengers face lie detector tests (6.04.2006)