Chechen web site shut down in Sweden

By EDRi · May 10, 2006

After many complaints from Russia, the Swedish authorities closed up on 5
May,, a Chechen separatist Web site that allegedly
encouraged terrorism. The police arrived at PRQ Web hosting company in
Stockholm with a search warrant and confiscated two servers.

The Finish owner of the servers, Mikael Storsjo, told Swedish news agency TT
that the Russian embassy had filed a police complaint that the site incited
rebellion for an attack in Nalchik by suspected Islamic extremists in
October last year. “I see this as an outrage. I don’t agree with what’s
written on the website but I respect their right to free speech.” said
Mr. Storsjo.

The Web site has moved around on numerous servers in the Nordics and Baltic
countries during the last years and has previously been shut down by
authorities in Finland and Lithuania.

On 6 May the site was replaced with a temporary page with link to a
different Web address with the same content as the original site.

Swedish authorities shut down Chechen separatist Web site (6.05.06)

Sweden Closes Chechen Separatist’s Web Site (6.05.06)