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Update on anti-spam legislation

By EDRi · March 12, 2003

In the previous EDRI-gram 6 EU-countries were mentioned that already have a spam-ban, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Greece, Italy and Austria, plus Hungary and Norway in Europe-at-large. We can now add France, Romania and Poland to this list.

French E-Commerce Directive (approved 26.02.2003 in the Lower House)

Polish E-commerce Directive (effective 10.03.2003)

Romanian E-commerce Directive (effective 05.10.2002)

Since 22 January Romanians can report spam via 2 special email addresses provided by the Ministry of ICT. In Romania the Ombudsman functions as data protection authority. Either he or the Ministry can fine spammers between 10.000.000 and 500.000.000 million lei (approx 280 and 14.000 euro).

Website ministry of ICT in English (sections anti-fraud / .ro abuse)