International Declaration on G8 and Intellectual Property launched

By EDRi · May 23, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

The German non-profit organization “Netzwerk Freies Wissen” (Free Knowledge
Network) heavily criticizes the goals of the conference held by the G8
states’ ministers of justice starting on 23 May 2007.

The most important item on the agenda is a stronger enforcement of
intellectual property. For this reason the Network, together with other
organizations and private persons from many countries will present the
“Civil Society declaration on the G8 summit 2007 and intellectual property

“The goal of this declaration is to point out the severe problems in this
area, which have grown throughout the world in the last years”, says Petra
Buhr, speaker for the network. “Furthermore we demand radical changes in the
politics of the G8”, she adds. Be it patents on drugs, the protection of
seeds that prevent the cultivation of plants or the freedom of education
which is threatened by strong copyright laws. The paper demands, that a
state has to decide by itself on how far it wants to introduce intellectual
property laws and that the pressure, mainly on developing countries, must
stop in order to allow a fair development.

Also the paper talks about the problems in the G8 states. It claims software
patents are a threat to innovation and digital rights management a threat to
the worlds cultural heritage. It also demands a massive aid towards
alternatives such as free access to knowledge or free software which was
financed by public funds. It shows concern at the increasing privatization
of public research.

Finally the Network demands from the hosting German Government to show its
true colours: “It is perfidious to talk about fake T-Shirts and unsafe
medicine while actually trying to stop the important production of generic
drugs in developing countries”, Buhr answers to a statement of Brigitte
Zypries, the German minister of justice. “The government arguments are
one-sided. The problems caused by ever increasing intellectual property
rights are complex and very serious. Alternatives should be chosen instead
of enforcing a very corrupt system worldwide” Buhr concludes.

The declaration is open for signatories starting today. Among the first
signatories of the Declaration are also the EDRI-members Netzwerk Neue
Medien, Chaos Computer Club and Swiss Internet User Group SIUG.

Declaration – For better development and just access to knowledge in all
forms – Against the domination of exclusionary rights on the knowledge
economy – A civil society statement concerning intellectual property and the
2007 G8 summit

Tool for signatures

Statement Minister of Jusice Zypris (15.05 2007)

General information on the G8 meeting by the German government,0/G8_Presidency_2__7/Meeting_of_G8_Justice_and_Home_Affairs_Ministers_1d3.html

(Thanks to Petra Buhr – Netzwerk Freies Wissen)