Germany is preparing the G8 meeting by searching NGOs servers

By EDRi · June 6, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

The German government decided to prepare the G8 meeting that will take place
during 6-8 June in Heiligendamm, a Baltic seaside resort, by increasing the
number of searches and seizures to NGOs and anti-globalization movements
offices and servers.

During the entire month of May the Federal Prosecutor gave order to the
Police in Hamburg, Berlin and other states to search private homes, offices,
libraries, social centres or other locations were there were located servers
of the anti-globalisation opponents, without making any arrests. The
searches and seizures were explained by the German authorities by the
possibility to create a terrorist organization by the altermondialist German
chapter of the association Attac, a group founded in France to campaign for
a global tax on speculative capital movements to finance development aid.

The association between terrorism and altermondialism was considered as
“scandalous” by the co-president of the Attac France, Aurélie Trouvé,
taking into consideration the objectives of the association: democratisation
of the international institutions, fight against poverty or the preservation
of the natural resources. She rhetorical asked: “Do freedom of expression
and democracy stop were the interests of the richest eight countries begin?”

Peter Wahl from Attac Germany has underlined the obvious political purpose
of this operation: “to discredit the democratic actions that contest the G8
summit. It is an excessive measure that is incompatible with the rule of

Another measure that the German Government took was the temporary suspension
of the Schengen Agreement until 10 June. Every persons travelling to Germany
until that date will have to pass the identity and security controls. The
German authorities have also banned any demonstration near the resort where
the G8 summit will take place.

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