Slovenian intelligence agency scandal

By EDRi · June 6, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

The Slovenian intelligence agency (SOVA) is monitoring telecommunications
in the Balkans in cooperation with German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) and
UK’s MI5. Some believe that the recently disclosed secret location in the
Slovenian capital could be a part of Echelon.

The Slovenian intelligence agency is currently a part of a political scandal
which has revealed some secret locations and methods that SOVA was using for
intelligence purposes. Moreover, international credibility in SOVA and
its agents is compromised, as the Slovenian press managed to obtain
classified information regarding SOVA’s secret financing, its company of
straw and its international cooperation with other intelligence agencies.
Most likely, the information leaked from the parliamentary committee for
monitoring the secret services activtiy.

The latest disclosure reveals SOVA’s secret location for monitoring
international telecommunications in Ljubljana near Telekom Slovenije
(Slovenian Telco) and Siol (the major Slovenian ISP) headquarters, as well
as near the Slovenian Internet Exchange (SIX) and Ljubljana Stock Exchange
(LJSE) buildings.

The Slovenian media is reporting that the above mentioned location was also
used by German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) and UK’s MI5, especially to
monitor telecommunications in the Balkans. Miso Alkalaj, an IT expert from
Jozef Stefan Institute said he would not be surprised if the location was a
part of Echelon.

An interesting fact is that residents of the block of flats where SOVA has
its secret location, knew that conspiratorial activities were taking
place there. Apart from that, elder residents are able to tell that
the former communist intelligence agency used the same flat to wiretap
telephone conversations.

The other disclosure reveals that Slovenian intelligence agency SOVA
established a webhosting company WEBS, which is presumably a company
of straw that SOVA needed for its intelligence activities.

Having in view the recent events regarding the Slovenian intelligence
agency, it becomes interesting that SOVA’s headquarters are located in
Stegne, an industrial area of Ljubljana, where among others, Telekom
Slovenije (Slovenian Telco) has its operational services. Intention or

Telekom Slovenije indirectly admits SOVA’s wiretapping (only in Slovenian,

Director of SOVA takes action after disclosure of wrath of foreign
intelligence agencies (only in Slovenian, 30.05.2007)

(Contribution by Aljaz Marn, EDRI-observer, Slovenia)