OECD pushes for privacy co-operation

By EDRi · July 4, 2007

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A new framework has been agreed by the 30 members of OECD (Organisation for
Economic Co-operation and Development) regarding the co-operation in the
enforcement of privacy laws, updating a 27 year old statement (OECD
Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal

The large volume of the data being exchanged across borders and the changes
in the character of these exchanges having increased the risks to privacy
for individuals have brought up the need for a better co-operation between
authorities in charge with data protection.

The framework, included in the new OECD Recommendation on Cross-Border
Co-operation in the Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy, developed by the
OECD Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP),
through its Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (WPISP), shows
the commitment of the governments to improve their national privacy
legislation to allow co-operation and mutual assistance among each other for
an efficient enforcement of privacy laws.

“A consensus has emerged on the need to promote closer co-operation among
privacy law enforcement authorities to help them exchange information and
carry out investigations with their foreign counterparts,” says the
recommendation which also reads: “Globalisation, the emergence of ‘follow
the sun’ business models, the growth of the internet and falling
communication costs dramatically increase the amount of personal information
flowing across borders. This increase in transborder information flows
benefits both organisations and individuals by lowering costs, increasing
efficiency and improving customer convenience. At the same time, these
personal information flows elevate concerns about privacy, and present new
challenges with respect to protecting individuals’ personal information.”

OECD has developed two model forms to facilitate the co-operation: one to
assist in the creation of a list of contact points in each country to
co-ordinate requests for assistance and another one to be used by an
authority in requesting assistance.

The recommendation will be introduced at regional events and at the 29th
International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners that
will be hosted in September 2007 in Montreal by Commissioner Jennifer
Stoddart Privacy Commissioner of Canada who also conducted the work on the
development of the framework.

OECD Recommendation on Cross-border Co-operation in the Enforcement of Laws
Protecting Privacy – Press release

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