European Parliament resolution on a European digital library

By EDRi · October 10, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

The European Parliament (EP) adopted on 27 September 2007 a resolution
that endorses the 2005 European Commission’s Communication i2010: Digital
Libraries supporting the digital libraries initiative that aims at making
European information resources easier and more interesting to use in an
online environment

The Commission’s “2010 Digital Libraries Initiative” came from the heads of
states and governments of France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain in
April 2005 and covered digitised and born digital material.

The EP resolution, based on a report by French MEP Marie-Hélène Descamps
entitled “i2010: towards a European digital library” emphasised the need for
more books to be put online and urged the Commission to speed up the process
of creating the European Digital Library.

The Parliamentarians viewed European Digital Library as the one-stop shop
for accessing literary and scientific works online and asked “all European
libraries to make available to the European Digital Library works that are
free of rights which they already hold in digital form”.

The proposal acknowledged the fact that although the European cultural
heritage is largely made up of works in the public domain, it is not limited
to this category alone. It welcomes the establishment of the high-level
expert group and “supports its proposals to list all orphan and out-of-print
works and to develop mechanisms to facilitate the search for right holders.”

According to the EP Resolution “the project symbolises Europe united in
diversity (and) contributes to the enhancement and strengthening of an
authentic European identity” and could be built upon other European projects
already existing (The European library, TEL-ME-MOR, Europeana).

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