Recommanded Reading

By EDRi · October 24, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Everyone’s Guide to By-Passing Internet Censorship for Citizens Worldwide
The guide has been published by Citizen Lab, a project at the University of
Toronto’s Munk Centre for International Studies. Citizen Lab director Ronald
Deibert, who spoke about Internet censorship at IFEX’s general meeting in
Uruguay, is also a co-founder of the OpenNet Initiative. The guide, intended
for non-technical users, provides tips and strategies on avoiding Internet
content filters. It is published in English, but translations are planned.

Privacy and Human Rights 2006 Report
This annual report by EPIC and Privacy International provides an overview of
key privacy topics and reviews the state of privacy in over 75 countries
around the world. The report outlines legal protections, new challenges, and
important issues and events relating to privacy.
The Privacy and Human Rights 2006 report documents the continued expansion
of government surveillance authority. Several countries have pursued new
data retention schemes, expanded biometric identification requirements, and
intensified international data transfers.

French report on e-voting
The legal studies service of the French Senate published in September
2007 a report on e-voting. It is a study which concerns the following
countries: Germany, England and Wales, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, The
Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland.
Abstract (only in French)

Report (only in French)