RFID and Informed Consent – Using and removing of RFID functionality

By EDRi · December 5, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Following the the EDRi statements on RFID Privacy Issues and RFID Security
Issues published earlier this year, EDRi recently contributed with a third
written statement to the European Commission’s RFID Expert Group focusing on
RFID and Informed Consent.

In this paper, EDRi deals with the possibilities of informing individuals
about RFID use and strongly asks for a strict opt-in regime for RFID usage.
Furthermore various mechanisms for removing, altering or disabling RFID
functionality are discussed and evaluated with respect to the protection of
personal data.

Finally, EDRi suggests a concept of responsibilities to ensure that RFID
technology is only disseminated to organisations that
explicitly consented to the use of RFIDs and that are able to take
appropriate measures to protect individuals’ privacy.

EDRi’s statement on RFID and Informed Consent is now publicly available.

RFID Privacy Issues (10.07.2007)

RFID Security Issues (07.2007)

(Contribution by Andreas Krisch – EDRi)