French Big Brother Awards 2006

By EDRi · January 31, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

The French Big Brother Awards event that took place on 20 January 2007 has
brought the exclusion from this competition of Mr. Sarkozy, for having
already won three of the Orwell prizes during the last three years and thus
by far outclassing his competitors.

This year, the jury decided to eliminate Minister Sarkozy, the only
personality having been nominated 6 times in 7 editions of the event, for
multiple attacks to private life and for having actively promoted
surveillance in general.

The organizers of the event, in creating the diplomas for the awards were
inspired by a real picture of a fossil found in Niger in 2000, of the
biggest crocodile that lived 110 million years ago, called by US
palaeontologists, “Sarcosuchus imperator”. The specialists considered that
the reptile disappeared completely for not having intelligently foreseen the
future and adapt. The organizers of the French Big Brother Awards considered
that the resemblance with a present character was not fortuitous.

The winner of the State award was Jacques Lebrot, “security” sub-prefect of
Seine-St-Denis for having deprived of jobs several thousand of people with
police records created just on the basis of suspicion and discrimination,
violating their right to the presumption of innocence.

Sony-BMG company took the enterprise award for its “rootkit”, a spy software
installed in the sold CDs in order to control the usage of the CD,
ironically, by those who had became the rightful owners by buying the
respective CD.

The Locality Orwell prize was given to Paul Anselin, Mayor of Ploërmel
in Morbihan, for having installed more than 50 video-surveillance cameras in
a locality with 9000 inhabitants and zero degree of delinquency and for the
creation of a green number encouraging denunciations.

Orwell Novlang prize was awarded to Frédéric Péchenard, director of the
Judiciary Police who supports the genetic filing of the entire population
arguing that the innocent persons could thus be rid of any suspicion.

For the entire work, the award was won by Minister of Justice Pascal
Clément, who had previously been nominated and awarded in 2004 for being a
strong supporter of the electronic bracelet for delinquents and for having
imposed it retroactively to the sexual delinquents after their liberation.
He won the award for 2006 for his entire work having in view his disrespect
for institutions and human rights and for his determination to imprison and

The Voltaire prize for vigilance was taken, ex-aequo, by the school
directors who have refused to fill in the children database (Base-eleves)
and by Pierre Muller, the webmaster of (ex recul, for his permanent work in showing why the electronic vote
is a false good idea and a threat to democracy.

Big Brother Awards France (only in French, 20.01.2007)