Consolidated "Audiovisual without Frontiers" Directive

By EDRi · March 14, 2007

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After the first reading in the European Parliament of the new proposed
Television without Frontiers directive, the European Commission has made the
new consolidated text public on 9 March 2007 .

The initial proposal was criticized by Internet media specialists and some
significant changes were adopted by the European Parliament in December 2006
during the first reading. The changes are now incorporated in the
consolidated text presented by the Commission. They include the initial
proposal that those non-TV audiovisual services, comprising so-called
non-linear or on-demand services, will be made subject to some basic content

The Commission wants to push the draft directive hoping that it will be
adopted by the end of May 2007 by the European Parliament and the Council.

“Thanks to the ambitious work of the European Parliament and the intense
efforts of the German Presidency over the past months, Europe’s new legal
framework for a more competitive, more diverse and more pluralistic
audiovisual media sector is now within reach,” said Information Society and
Media Commissioner Viviane Reding. “I am confident that we will now achieve
political agreement on the new “Audiovisual Without Frontiers” Directive by
the end of May. Europe’s internal market would then be truly open for
providers and consumers of audiovisual services by the end of 2008 at the

The text adopted by the Parliament is still subject to criticism, especially
on the lack of clarity of the definitions of the commercial TV-like
services on the Internet. A report of the UK European Union Committee of
theHouse of Lords considered that the regulation might be wrongly applied
to other contents such as that of blogs. The report warned that the
Directive might cause production companies outside of the EU to try and
escape the regulation, considering UK will be one of the main victims of
this action.

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