Nominations for Big Brother Award Italy 2007 are now open

By EDRi · April 12, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

The official start of the call for nominations for the Italian Big Brother
Award (BBA) 2007 began on 2 April 2007 and will last until 30 April.

In a scenario where privacy is all the time attacked by new
technologies and doubtful initiatives to protect our “security”, the
BBA is meant to highlight the worst offenders of privacy, who often
can take advantage of the very minor attention by official media.

In the best tradition of the Internet, the BBA is also meant as a way
to have fun. Privacy is a serious thing, but having a laugh helps
protecting it better.

For this reason, during the award ceremony – which will take place in
Florence (Italy) at the end of May during the E-Privacy 2007 conference,
where there will be some surprises.

The BBA procedures are simple: everybody – before 30 April – can send one or
more nominations for one or more of the categories of the award. A suitable
form is available online. People can also vote via e-mail and voting via
anonymous re-mailers is of course possible.

From 1 to 4 May a jury will vote the winners of each category and the three
most voted nominations for each category will be made public on 7 May, while
the winners will be announced during the award ceremony.

In order to avoid undue pressures, nominations can be made in partial or
total anonymity, and the names of the jurors will be made public only after
the end of voting. The BBA 2007 is made possible thanks to the work of the
Winston Smith Project, in collaboration with Privacy International and other

Last, not least, the BBA is also meant to highlight those who strive to
defend privacy: it is possible to give a “positive” vote to any person or
organization that has worked in this direction.

Any information on BBA Italy 2007 should be directed at

BBA 2007 Italy (only in Italian)

E-Privacy 2007 conference (only in Italian)

Form for nominations (only in Italian)

EDRI-gram: Big Brother Awards Italy 2006 (24.05.2006)

(Contribution by Andrea Glorioso – consultant on digital policies)