Free software needs to be considered in Italian public acquisitions

By EDRi · April 12, 2007

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Following the case filed by Associazione per il Software Libero (Assoli –
Association for Free Software) to the Regional Administrative Tribunal of
Lazio-Rome, the Italian Ministry of Work and Social Politics has withdrawn
the call for tenders for Microsoft Licences.

The Department of Technological Innovation of the Ministry of Work published
on 21 February 2006 in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic a call
for tenders for the supply of Microsoft licenses in the value of approx.
4 540 000 Euros.

Only 11 Italian companies, considered as large Account Resellers by
Microsoft were qualified to participate in the tender although the Italian
law requires the public administration institutions to compare all
acquisition options, including free software.

Assoli considers it has won already even before a decision of the court was
made as the Ministry of Works has annulled the call. This decision is
encouraging Assoli to further act with the goal of promoting free software
use in public administration.

“In the wake of this achievement, the Associazione is starting two new
campaigns with the goal of continuing fight for freedom in information
technology: 100 new associates within the 2007 and Assolimprese” said Paolo
Didone, president of Assoli.

Historic victory of the “Associazione per il Software Libero”! (2.04.2007)

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Italian, 05.04.2007)