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By EDRi · November 5, 2008

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

At the EDRi General Assembly of 25 October 2008 in Wien, Austria, EDRi
welcomed 3 new members.

Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN) is a Norwegian civil liberties and digital
rights organization working to protect and promote freedom of expression,
privacy, the use of open standards and media file formats, public access to
online resources and information, democratic IT infrastructures. The
IT-Political Association of Denmark (IT-Pol) is a very active organization
focusing on various issues, such as privacy, infrastructure security, open
standards, software patents, DRM and copyright, e-voting or RFID.
Vrijschrift is a Dutch foundation that stimulates free and open software and
knowledge with projects ranging from supporting the Openstreetmap and
Gutenberg projects to providing an umbrella for translators of open source
software, OOXML and IPRED2. EDRI now has 29 members that are based or have
offices in 18 different European countries, all within the territory of the
Council of Europe.

After the General Assembly, all the participant EDRi members were present at
the Big Brother Awards Austria 2008 where Meryem Marzouki received the
Positive Prize “Defensor Libertatis” for her work in the digital civil
rights movement, including her active participation within EDRi and her
involvement in the campaign against the French law on Edvige.

Big Brother Austria 2008 Prizes (only in German)

Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN)

The IT-Political Association of Denmark (IT-Pol)

Vrijschrift (Netherlands)

EDRI members and observers