Europe spams more than the US

By EDRi · February 13, 2008

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

According to security vendor Symantec, a shift has taken place in the weight
of the spam networks, the European ones having created more unsolicited
e-mail than those in the US lately. Thus, approximately 44 per cent of all
spam messages are originated from Europe as compared to 35.1 per cent
originated from the US.

In the opinion of one of Symantec’s European product marketing managers,
Fredrik Sjostedt, the advantage taken by European spammers is due to the
large penetration of broadband. “Historically the majority of spammers were
U.S.-based, but now we’re seeing a lot of Eastern European and Russian spam
gangs active (.) We’ve moved away from traditional, individual spammers, to
loosely tied groups of spam senders, malware coders, and people selling
access to botnets,” said Sjostedt.

The reports also show a very high increase of spamming during the holiday
time in December, reaching up to 93 million spam messages. Kelly Conley,
Symnatec enterprise security group manager, wrote on its security response
blog that, for the holidays, the spammers had changed their techniques by
inserting seasonal oriented keywords into URLs, subject lines and embedded
images within their messages.

Other spam trends reported for the past month are the offering of rapidly
dealing with visa problems in Europe or bio-fuel offers.

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