under investigation by CNIL

By EDRi · February 27, 2008

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Following several complaints and notifications, the French Data Protection
Authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – CNIL) is
investigating website created in January 2008 that was proposing
pupils to grade and evaluate their teachers.

The site encouraged pupils the give the name of the teachers they graded,
the name of the school and the teacher’s subject. On 13 February, three CNIL
representatives made an emergency check out of the locations of
the site webmasters.

The site has raised the anger of both the teacher’s union as well as that of
the pupils’ parents. “This site is the antithesis of education and
citizenship because it is based on tattling, denigration and disrespect”
wrote FCPE (Federation of the Councils of Parents with Children in Public

Xavier Darcos, the Ministry of Education has also criticized the site
emphasizing the fact that the teachers’ evaluation is exclusively made by
the national education system.

The SNALC-CSEN (The National Union of High Schools and Colleges) has started
a procedure that offers those who find their names on the respective site
three different possible means of action: to use the right to response, the
right to ask for the deletion of any information related to them and the
right to access all information on them, posted on the respective site. The
union also offers models of documents that can be used for the respective
actions and gives information on how to proceed in case there is no
compliance from the site.

CNIL is presently investigating the site to verify whether there has been
any infringement of the law and advised it would give its conclusions on 6
March 2008.

The Cnil and National Education condemn practices (only in
French, 15.02.2008),39020774,39378641,00.htm, the teachers’ grading site, controlled yesterday by the CNIL
(only in French, 14.02.2008)[uid]=520&cHash=c012d6c702

Note2be, informatics and freedom (only in French, 10.02.2008)