Big Brother Awards – France 2007

By EDRi · March 26, 2008

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

On 21 March 2008, Paris was the host of the French Big Brother awards
ceremony for the year 2007.

For the second time President Nicolas Sarkozy was excluded from the
competition on grounds of “genetic predisposition” for attacks to personal
life and freedoms. The jury has reached the conclusion that Mr. Sarkozy’s
problem must be of genetic source and therefore he should be considered
legally “irresponsible” of his repeated acts against private life and
fundamental freedoms.

The Constitutional Council received the State award for having validated a
new Sarkozy law on “safety imprisonment” which allows for imprisonment of
people considered dangerous by experts and not judges.
A special mention was received by Professor Philip Gorwood of Inserm for a
study collecting DNA of young students in search of genetics and behavioural
links and for having used doubtful techniques to obtain from the students
confidential information on their parents.

The award for companies was won by Taser France and Elsa for the drone
prototypes Quadri France, surveillance pieces of equipment, initially
developed for the army, used now for the surveillance of the population
especially in the cities suburbs.

Claude Journès, as president of the Lyon II University and teacher of
political sciences was awarded the locality price for treating students as
surveillance technologies’ guinea pigs.

The Novlang award was given to the TV show “Envoyé Special”, aired on the
State-funded France 2 channel, for agreeing to carry out an “embedded report”, simply entitled “Expulsion manual,” inside the
Immigration police of the French government. This complacent report
painted illegal immigrants as cheaters and liars, presented “retention
centers” (special jails that retain people prior to their expulsions) as
nice places, and thus gave a justification of the French government
policy establishing quotas of people being ousted from France.
The police chief and the State prosecutor of the Var district (South of
France) arrived second, for their project to open an e-mail adress aimed
at collecting anonymous complaints, considered as a call to public

Google has received the award for the lifetime menace for placing its users
from the whole world under surveillance.

The Voltaire positive award was received by the team Refus ADN made of a
group of people who refuse to be taken a DNA sample on simple “suspect”

2007 Big Brother Awards France (only in French, 21.03.2008)