European Commission: pro active in using open source software

By EDRi · March 26, 2008

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The European Commission announced it would increase its own use of open
source software for ICT projects: “For all new development, where
deployment and usage is foreseen by parties outside of the Commission
Infrastructure, Open Source Software will be the preferred development and
deployment platform.”

Valerie Rampie, spokesperson of Siim Kallas, the European commissioner on
administrative affairs, declared for the IDABC open source observatory that
the publication of the strategy is made “mainly for information purposes”.

The new strategy paper of the Commission, that has been a supporter of open
source software since 2000, explains that open-source software should be
pursued provided it does not cost more and is in the best interest of
European citizens.

The Commission decided that “for all future IT developments and procurement
procedures, the Commission shall promote the use of products that support
open, well-documented standards. Interoperability is a critical issue for
the Commission, and usage of well-established open standards is a key factor
to achieve and endorse it.”

According to the Bloomberg News, the decision could be seen as a potential
setback for Microsoft that “is trying to prevent an increasing number of
defections by governments from its proprietary software toward software from
open-source developers, who are allowed to modify the software source code,
or underlying instructions.”

But the open-source developers are more than happy with the result : “There
is a growing pressure on the commission to promote open-source software,”
explained Carlo Piana, a lawyer for the Free Software Foundation Europe

FSFE is also trying to convince other EU bodies to adopt open source
software and open formats. In a public petition launched at the beginning of
March 2008, FSFE has asked the European Parliament to practice what it
preaches and to change its ICT system in order to allow the adoption of open

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