Sony BMG accused of using pirated software

By EDRi · March 26, 2008

(Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar)

Sony BMG has been accused by PointDev company of having used Ideal
Migration, the administration software for Windows servers and client
accounts, without having a licence.

On 22 January 2008, a bailiff mandated by PointDev found an illegal
installation of the software on four computers belonging to Sony BMG.
Paul-Henry Agustoni, owner and administrator of the editor claims 300 000
euro damages from Sony BMG.

The case started in November 2007 when a Sony employee requested online
technical support from PointDev. Ideal Migration, like all the other
products of the company is proposed on the Internet in a trial version.
Following the purchase of the product, the client is provided with a key
allowing the use of additional services including online technical support.
The account of the Sony employee was not registered and after some
researches, PointDev found that the key used to activate the software was
pirated and dated since the end of 2004, the moment BMG was absorbed by
Sony. Ideal Migration is particularly used by companies for IT consolidation
to allow a centralised administration of servers and client accounts.

Paul- Henry Agustoni believed this was not an isolated situation. “I believe
the pirating is related to the company policy. If the employee has the
necessary budget to buy the software he (she) needs, he (she) will do it. If
that’s not the case, he (she) will find alternative means, because work has
to be done one way or another” he stated.

Sony BMG has not yet made any comments on the matter.

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