EDPS wants data protection considered by EU research projects

By EDRi · May 7, 2008

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Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) wants privacy
and data protection requirements to be considered in the future EU research
and technological development (RTD) projects, especially those developing
information and communication technologies.

The EDPS’ main role is to monitor EU developments which have an impact on
the protection of personal data, especially the development of ICT and “to
advise the Commission and/or project developers on their efforts to use
privacy and data protection-friendly RTD methodologies and of course to
develop technologies and processes that will promote and reinforce the
effectiveness of the EU data protection legal framework”.

On 28 April 2008, EDPS adopted a policy paper establishing his role and
developing possible models of contribution both in the preparatory phase of
the overall EU research framework programme as well as for individual
research projects. The EDPS contributions have as purpose to reinforce the
application of the “privacy by design” principle as an inherent part of the
RTD initiatives.

“Privacy and data protection requirements need to be highlighted and applied
as soon as possible in the life cycle of new technological developments in
order to contribute to a better implementation of the data protection legal
framework. The European RTD efforts constitute a very good opportunity to
accomplish these goals” says Hustinx.

The EDPS’ contributions in this direction could be achieved by:
– participation in workshops and conferences intended to identify future
challenges that can be relevant for EU RTD policy;
– contribution to research advisory boards launched by the European
Commission in connection with the Framework Programme, and provision of
opinions on data protection matters;
– assistance to the European Commission in the evaluation process of
proposals, in particular regarding possible data protection issues these
proposals might trigger;
– provision of opinions on data protection matters in relation to
individual RTD projects on his own initiative or at the request of a

Also, as “research projects of an EU Framework Programme usually have the
obligation to involve partners from several Member States, the EDPS could
also, in this case, contribute to and facilitate the cooperation between the
corresponding Member States or third country data protection authorities
which might be involved” says the paper.

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